Our website has been created to help learner drivers prepare for the hazard perception component of their theory test. Whilst it’s not possible to produce an exact replication of the component, for various reasons, every effort has been made to ensure that this package is as similar as possible to the actual exam. In order to do this, we examined all of the necessary video material provided by the DVSA and have worked in tandem with an experienced driving instructor to create this resource.

The software used in this package emulates, as closely as possible, the appearance of the DVSA’s actual test. Our software also detects ‘cheating’ in much the same way that the DVSA’s software detects cheating in an actual exam. Again, although we have made every effort to ensure our software functions as closely as possible to the DVSA’s, it isn’t possible to replicate it exactly.

In January 2015, the DVSA stopped using real-world video clips, opting instead for computer generated (CGI) hazard perception clips. There are a few reasons the DVSA opted for CGI video clips and we can see some of the advantages provided by CGI clips, but we do not think that this is the best way for learner drivers to improve upon their hazard perception skills. With this in mind, we have chosen to provide numerous real-world video clips to help learner drivers with their preparation, as well as a number of CGI clips provided by the DVSA.

Due to the reasons stated above, there are some differences between real-world clips and the ones currently used by the DVSA in the hazard perception test. Real-world video footage better represents the detail, situation and distractions that learner drivers will face in the real world. Our intention isn’t to just prepare you for your test, of course, that’s our main goal, but we also want to help prepare you for the lifetime of driving that comes after passing the test.

Another way our hazard perception clips could differ from the DVSA’s clips is the position of our invisible ‘markers’, which are there to assist you when responding in order to acknowledge the presence of a developing hazard. Our markers have been set up under the guidance of an experienced driving instructor. You should understand, however, that the positioning of any markers is subjective, both on our website and the real test. The only way to be sure you’re not caught out by this subjectivity is to click each time a hazard develops. By doing this you’ll have a much higher chance of obtaining your deserved score.

We have done all we can to ensure that we have positioned our opening and closing brackets exactly where the DVSA would. This means that your preparation will be as close as possible to the real test, which is, of course, a benefit to you. Although every effort has been made, we cannot guarantee that our opening and closing brackets match what the DVSA would have done exactly.

We wish all of you the very best of luck in your test and many happy years motoring.


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